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Sheep Herding Lessons

Sheep Herding Lessons

Herding lessons are 30 minute, private sessions where we train YOU to work your own dog. You will be taught how to use the stick and your body to encourage your dog to work sheep properly. Sheep behavior is explained to provide a better understanding of WHY you and your dog have to work a particular way. Instruction is tailored to the breed of the dog, as loose-eyed dogs work differently than strong-eyed dogs. Lessons are by appointment only.

Our expertise at Action K9 Sports is in preparing clients and their dogs for competition. We have a strong, proven history of champion dogs and owners across all types of competitions and levels (see our Brags Page). Competition is not mandatory, but it's FUN so we encourage all of our students to participate.

Instinct tests are offered year-round and provide a basis for evaluating the herding ability of individual dogs before lessons begin. See our Getting Started Page for more information about how to start herding with your dog!
Sheep Herding Example
Classes are individual, private lessons taught in pens, arenas and open fields. The enclosure and level of instruction depend on you and your dog's abilities. As you progress with your dog, we move you into bigger arenas and more challenging situations. Bring your dog out to see just how much fun it is!

Send us an Email or call us at 760-739-8673 to get started!

San Diego Herding

Action K9 Sports' main facility is located in North County San Diego. Minutes from the I-15, it is easily accessible to anyone who wants a premier facility to train their dogs. ... click for map

Los Angeles Herding

We are currently looking for new facility space in the Los Angeles area. If you or anyone you know has information about a potential new location, please contact us!