The sport of herding has always been important to me so when I found Terry's herding facility, I was over the moon. My beauceron Jamais started herding near the end of February along with my Pembroke Welsh Corgi Basil. Under Richs patient yet fair eye, both of my dogs have blossomed. My two dogs are very different in their herding styles and their strengths/weaknesses but with Rich, he's able to instruct me to success with both. Our first PT run with my corgi was a complete mess. I felt discouraged and embarrassed; Rich pulled me aside and gave me a quick pep talk along with some solid advice then we went back in and surprised everyone! I cannot say enough good things about Action K9 Sports and Rich. My corgi has earned both his HT and PT titles and my beauceron has earned her HT. We hope to earn many more titles under this amazing guidance.

-Lauren, Basil & Jamais

August 16, 2016

My young Beauceron Atreyu and I started herding in mid April, being both of our fist time working with sheep I didn’t know what to expect. I knew with time, dedication, Rich’s instruction and encouragement we would be on our way. I never expected herding to be a cake walk and honestly there were a few times I left feeling the slightest bit defeated, even though Rich told me we were going to be fine. We continued to go bi weekly and things started clicking for Atreyu, 3 months after we started we took the HT and passed, it wasn’t the most perfect run but we passed. Having Atreyu earn his first herding title gave me the push to pursue herding weekly, he is growing so much and I see improvement with each week that passes. This is what my dog was bred to do and I love that we have a Terry’s great facility to train at, and a wonderful instructor like Rich to learn from.

~Briana & Atreyu~

May 3, 2016
This past summer Nike, Hermes and I enrolled at Action K9 Sports with Terry for our first ever herding experience. Having only had taken obedience training, my corgis and I didn't really know what to expect. I was just hoping that they wouldn't embarrass me. Nike seemed super keen while Hermes looked like he'd rather be at the vet's office than in the pen.

From the start, Terry and Rich were both extremely patient and encouraging. They are not only coaching your dogs, but us newbie handlers as well. They can read both you and your dog and are always able to help you better understand what needs to be done. By having me work my own dogs, I've not only gained a huge amount of respect and appreciation for the sport, but the bond with my dogs has grown even stronger through the work and practice we've put in. Not to mention their behavior has improved as well, as a lot of the commands we've learned have carried over at home. Thank god. 

While I started with two dogs, within a couple of lessons it surprised everyone that Hermes came out of his shell and had taken to herding so well…while Nike just stuck to her diva ways. Terry and her staff were very understanding when it came to opting to train Hermes only and it has paid off. He passed his first run in April, we have 3 more lined up in May and expect to enter plenty more in the future. His abilities and eagerness to work have allowed me to better myself as a handler and give me the experience I'll need when it comes time to re-visit training his 'sister'.

Action K9 has given me a whole new set of skills that would be hard to obtain through any other means. They've given my dogs work to do and a healthy way to release all that corgi-energy. The knowledge and passion that Terry and her staff have is contagious, unless you're already a crazy dog person then all they do is enable it. It's been amazing to be trained under Terry's banner and I can't wait to see what else we can do.

Armita, Nike & Hermes

Action K-9 is the best! We live in Orange County and had gone to Long Beach for several training sessions.  Our dog chased and barked at the sheep, but got very little training.

Terry is a master trainer of dogs and people. She understands our dog's behavior and explains it in such a common sense way that we know what to do and why.  We're seeing improvements and learning new things with every lesson.

We highly recommend Action K-9.  Terry works with many breeds and different skill levels. We were so impressed to see a little corgi successfully herding 5 sheep in an open pasture. Amazing!

April 26, 2016

Action K-9 is the best! We live in Orange County and had gone to Long Beach for several training sessions.  Our dog chased and barked at the sheep, but got very little training.
Terry is a master trainer of dogs and people. She understands our dog's behavior and explains it in such a common sense way that we know what to do and why.  We're seeing improvements and learning new things with every lesson.
We highly recommend Action K-9.  Terry works with many breeds and different skill levels. We were so impressed to see a little corgi successfully herding 5 sheep in an open pasture. Amazing!

Tom Cota

April 2, 2016

Before starting with action k9, my border collie and I were almost turned off to the sport due to a negative experience in another location but after my first lesson with them I felt safe to say that this was the place for us. 

I have worked with both Terry and Rich at action k9 and can honestly say that while they both have different teaching styles, they are both a.) extremely knowledgeable and b.) super friendly and parterned with their track record of success, it makes coming here a no brainer. At the beginning of the lesson we are given clear instructions and typically a specific goal to accomplish and by the end of it we always achieve what we set out to do. The instructors are so encouraging and the love for dogs is apparent when they dont let their students fail, this is truly the best place to take your furry companions if you wish to have a champion herding dog. While the average lesson is 30 minutes, I find my afternoons go out the window real fast on the days I have the time to just sit back with my dog and watch the other students or instructors work their dogs after my turn is up.


March 21, 2016
When I came to Terry Parrish and Action K9, I had no experience with herding.  I had done obedience, protection and scent work, but not herding.  I had a young dog and wanted to see if she would be interested in it.  8 years later, I am still coming every weekend.  I am now working with my 3rd and most advanced dog. 

Terry and her staff helped me grow from a complete newbie to a handler who can take on a challenge with confidence.  They have helped me develop my partnership with my dogs. They tailored our lessons to each of my dogs specific style.  Working with sheep takes teamwork and trust between the handler and the dog.  That can only grow with the guidance of excellent teachers who know what they are doing.  Action K9 has that and I am so grateful to be able to learn from the best.

Jamie Dixon

I've been training with Terry for several years and keep pinching myself that this level of training is actually available in my backyard! Terry pushed me to be an intelligent trainer and handler and helped me achieve things never thought possible with my breed.   My first herding dog, a Boxer, has two herding championships, multiple HIT and RHITs, first placements, belt buckles, trophies, awards, competed in USBCHA, AKC, AHBA on all stock, and became our breed club’s Working Boxer of the year…entirely due to walking onto the property of Action K9 Sports!  READ MORE …

Reegan Ray

My husband started training his border collie with Terry the winter of 2015. In just a few short months my husband and his dog have learned more than they had with other trainers in 2.5 years. I wish we had found Terry sooner. 
Terry teaches you how to become a handler and trains you and your dog together. 

Kirsty & Tristan Gibbs

Anyone wanting to learn A LOT and have fun with a teacher with experience and patience needs to see Terry Parish at Action K9 Sports. Check out the website.  That is how I found this amazing teacher.

February 14, 2016
A few months ago, my dog Snickers (2 y/o M GSD) & I started taking sheep herding lessons @ Terry Parrish's Action K9 Sports.
We couldn't be happier. 
I quickly found out that Snick's Basic Obedience was weak.  Weak as in non-existent when with the sheep.  Completely out of control with frenzied excitement. 
What a turn around.  Obedience has massively improved.  Snicks has a high prey drive, but now he will "sit" and "come" on command even though the sheep are only a few feet away.  A total change in behavior which happily spills over into life away from the ranch. READ MORE…
Jeff Thysell
Oceanside, CA

Alice and I have been training with Terry and Rich at Action K-9 Sports for over a year. As Alice is an Australian Cattle Dog, and a handful, I have to say that the great training we have received has worked wonders on her confidence and willingness to follow direction – especially as she knows exactly what it is you want her to do, and would really like to do what she wants to do instead. On the other hand, I am a little harder to train, so we keep working on that. 

We both have such a great time and look forward to those Saturday mornings when we can get out and work with the sheep.  If you have any type of herding dog, I heartily recommend you bring them by for a quick test to see if they have the right stuff and if they do, I believe that you will find the training to be worthwhile for both you and your dog. 

Susan Green and Alice

Brewer is the first dog that I have owned on my own.  Why did I decide to get a corgi?  I thought I had done my research and I thought I was prepared, but that quickly changed!  He was an adorable puppy – smart as a whip, but he was a rebel to say the least.  I’d give him a command and I could see the wheels turning.  He’d know exactly what I was saying, but would give me a “See ya!” look and dart off!  Being that I lived at my job site, and was taking him to work with me, his unruly behavior would not be tolerated.  I was at a loss.  It was clear that I needed help and needed it quickly!
From my very first lesson with Terry at Action K9 Sports, READ MORE…
Jena and Brewer

I began working with Terry Parrish in 1995 with an older dog loaned to me by a friend. By the spring of 1996, we'd won our first Pro-Novice class at the Treasure Valley SDT in Payette, Idaho. That fall, Terry matched me up with my Babs. With Terry's training and support, Babs went on to win the San Joaquin Valley Border Collie Association Top Dog award in Pro-Novice for 1997, following that up by winning Open Top Dog in 1998. Her talent as our instructor also led Babs and me to our first trips to the Meeker Classic and USBCHA National Sheepdog Finals that same year.  READ MORE…
Terry Folsom

Training with Terry becomes almost an addiction, but a positive one. I am so proud of my little Lucy and what we have accomplished under Terry's instruction. The greatest compliment that Lucy can give is that she won't even pick up her ball when Terry's sheep are around. Otherwise, she is 24/7 ball fiend.  Learning herding is so much more than dog training. It is trigonometry meets chess match with some psychology thrown in. It is more difficult than it looks, but Terry breaks it down step by step. In the beginning everything is strange and you and your dog leave brain dead, but soon the mist lifts and you will be amazed at what you can do.  I loved and admired my dog before, but it is even deeper and richer now and filled with respect.  There is also the pure joy of being at Terry's beautiful ranch, becoming friends with other students, and learning about other dog breeds. Terry is very open and you can watch other lessons, which provides more learning opportunities. Watching newer students helps me appreciate what I've learned and watching lessons beyond me shows me where I'm going. She creates a nurturing environment in which everyone is supportive, even during competitive trials. She is no nonsense and always honest. She is also diligent about the dog's health and mental well being. She understands the balance of pushing, but rewarding with fun. It is mentally and physically hard for your dog to listen to you and follow your commands, but still follow it's instincts to react to sheep movement faster than you. Terry makes sure that they also get fun, excitement and rewards. As long as Lucy spits on her ball in favor of sheep, I will know that she is in great hands with Terry and I'll keep making the 4 round trip to her ranch. Lucy also loves the toddler swimming pools to cool off.
Ed Smith

March 8, 2016
Regarding Terry Parrish and Action K9 Sports
I purchased 2 Border Collies for my goose control business in the Fall of 2010. Knowing that I needed to train them on sheep, I contacted Terry Parrish at Action K9 Sports in March 2011. By June we were winning our first USBCHA and AKC trials and I was hooked on herding. Through the following years of training, my dogs became more than just dogs, they became my partners: in our work, in our herding, and in our home.  
Terry has trained me to train my dogs even when we are working on our own.  She can help any herding dog owner get started training their dog . . . and a working dog is happy dog.  As we continue in our goose work and herding competitions, I always point back to our instruction at Action K9 Sports with Terry.
Bill Wilder
Border Collie Bird Patrol

Jan 3, 2016
I began training at Action K9 Sports over 10 years ago with my Belgian Malinois. In that time my dogs with Terry's coaching have earned over 20 herding titles, including a Herding Champion.  When I first started herding in California many herding people, including other Belgian Shepherd owners, said that working line Malinois couldn't herd, instead they would kill the sheep.  Instead of making blanket assumptions, Terry is an astute enough trainer to realize all dogs are individuals.  And not just my dogs, but all dogs.  While her breed of choice may be Border Collies, she recognizes that there are many breeds out there with a herding history, and most of them don't work like your average BC.  Her willingness and ability to "see" the dog in front of her, and work with that dogs strong and weak points, is what in my opinion makes her and her students so hugely successful.  I would be surprised if there is a herding trainer in the US with Terry's resume in terms of titles and breeds.  While I would recommend anyone with a dog interested in herding check out Action K9, I would especially recommend those with "off breeds" check her out. 
Kadi Thingvall – Dantero Malinois

August 4, 2015
I trained with Terry many years ago before she became as big as she is today. The bottom line is Terry is the best dog trainer I have ever known and one of the best herding dog trainers in the country. I have since moved away, but I have never forgotten all the she taught me. I love you and miss you Terry
Tim Carpenter

August 4, 2015
Thank you, Terry, for helping my rescue dog, Ozzy, calm down by sheepherding He is a completely different dog and he's realizing his full potential. This is the funnest thing I've done in a long time and love the training and calming effect it's had on my dog.
Glenda Meyer

January 19, 2013
I've been to a lot of places, and and a lot of dogs but what I got to experience while I was here was amazing. Dogs of all breeds with excellent herding skills, and outruns to die for. Terry has a bar that is obviously set high! Great place and great people.
Her students speak for her.
Debbie George

April 25, 2014
I just attended one of Terry's clinics and am amazed at how she read both the dogs and the handlers correctly. She was able to help each dog/handler team (including me and my two dogs) progress through the issues they were having in their training and tell them the next steps to take.
Terry explains her ideas very clearly and was ready with either praise or constructive criticism, whichever was appropriate at the time. We all left the field feeling much more confident that our training was going in the proper direction.
Mary Stevenson

January 20, 2013
Thank you Terry and Action K9 Sports for giving my corgi a great foundation to his herding career! We are having a blast!
Jena Lansford



My puppy and I found our way to Action K9 for herding lessons after training with a different trainer. After our first lesson with Rich, I was amazed! I felt that both my puppy and I had learned more in one lesson with Rich than we had learned in several weeks! Rich has an incredible talent as an instructor and trainer. He explains things so that they are easily understood, even for a novice like me! My puppy and I have improved ten fold from when we started and it's only been a few weeks. We are very grateful for Rich and highly recommend him! 

Tawny & Ruger