Introduction to Herding

Does your dog chase everything that moves?? Is he gathering up all the dogs at Dog Park, creating friction? Do you need Rotator Cuff surgery from throwing a toy for an inexhaustable pet??

Does your dog need a JOB??

So many of the very active, highly intelligent dogs out there come from HERDING breeds and need to be able to USE that talent to be happy and healthy. Our seminar is designed to allow your dog to indulge that talent and provides
opportunity for YOU to join in!! It’s a two part session: The herding test is done in a small pen with trained sheep and the tester is with you and your pet. The second part is a mini- first lesson where YOU get to work your own dog!! At the conclusion, you receive an evaluation sheet, explanation of what your dog achieved and a chance to get more info on herding as a SPORT with your new dog/owner team.

Cost is $75 and pre-registration is suggested as participation is limited to a small number. Seminars are usually held on a Saturday.  Private Introductions to Herding are available on weekday. 

Contact Terry at or 760-739-8673 to schedule an appointment.


Introduction to Herding Registration