Getting Started

Getting Started With Sheep Herding

To get started with Sheep Herding, you and your dog need to participate in an Introduction to Sheep Herding seminar. This seminar determines if sheep herding is appropriate for you and your dog.

During this seminar, you and your dog are brought into a small pen with sheep and the instructor. Most dogs immediately charge and chase the sheep, but the tester will attempt to modify the chase into a constructive herding behavior. We are looking for a dog that wants to keep the sheep together and begins circling. Upon successful completion, you will be given a written evaluation and certificate of passing, and you will be invited to begin herding lessons with your dog.

Sheep Herding Example

Introduction to Herding seminars are held at various times each month. Check the upcoming events page for details and registration information for the next seminar. Preregistration is required. You will need to dress appropriately for the weather (durable shoes/boots, a hat for the sun, etc.), and your dog must be on a leash.  Dogs should be six months or older

Cost Structure

  • Introduction to Herding seminar (required for first-time students): $70
  • Basic Lesson:

    • $45 for 30 minutes of WEEKLY active instruction
    • $55 for 30 minutes of BI-MONTHLY active instruction
  • Advanced Lesson:

    • $55+ for 30 minutes of active instruction

Send us an Email or call us at 760-739-8673 to get started!