Episode Two of our trip to Texas

Travails of the Traveling Trialers; Episode Two

“Fucking Dog Trialing! Why are we here?” Texas Sunset
Spoken by Five Star Resort Afficionado, Christy. Our Gortex was saturated; my rainboots wet INSIDE and we had to put these back on to walk the dogs. My boots were the victim of the rushing, deep water in the trial field while running Chance. L took a picture of us and I will try to get it up. I sent him for the sheep but the exhaust sheep were still in sight so he started for the pen. I stopped him and gave him a couple of redirects; he turned to look the right direction and went beautifully. We finished the course but the water was so deep in front of the pen, they tried to jump away from it. We had to go around it to get them in.
We have a case of Cabin Fever. I have read my novels till my eyes bleed; Christy has taken three naps in between her puzzle playing. My netflix and networks don’t work; we are bored. Suddenly she remembers she had tucked a deck of cards in Lasoya’s rig. L goes looking and comes back with a cowboy deck of cards. I swear a visor grew out of Christy’s head and a cigarette popped out from her lips as she said in a raspy voice, “Who’s in for 21?” Lasoya didn’t know how to play and it had been YEARS for me as poker playing veteran Christy tutored us. We had no chips, no money but our imaginary bank accounts were readily available; the game went until dark. Naturally, L won.
We had to venture out then to take the dogs for a walk and thus the beginning of this narrative and Christy’s outburst

Sometime during the night the rain stopped. Upon opening the door of the RV I knew what Noah felt on day 41. Mud, water, mess but dry skies. I grabbed coffee and made a quick morning prayer: Dear Lord, please let Zula FIND the sheep; keep Bryce from EATING the sheep and keep Duke under Mach One. I didn’t say much about Duke first run but he was ON FIRE!! Every whistle was a launch code! He would turn and flank so fast, he looked like a spider monkey twisting through trees! It was a hoot and LOTS of fun!!

Zula did indeed find her sheep and laid a great run down, gaining points and a check. Bryce finished the course, missing points by one place. Duke did slow a bit and again finished. I forgot to pray about Quin; she had such a good run the first time, earning a check and another Q. Beautiful second run but I got in a hurry on way to pen and told her to Get Up. She did…all the way to the back leg of the sheep. I went after her so no score. Chance had a rough go so I told Larry he wouldn’t Q that run. WRONG! The other scores were worse so he got 3rd and is now eligible for Finals.

Third go for Open, Zula was a little pushy but I missed the crossdrive panel. Shed was hard to get so took front one as time was counting down. Her score was okay but not as good as before. Bryce had VERY heavy sheep so he had to push, push, push. I thought he would grip (was starting to HOPE he would) so we ran out of time on way to pen. I missed the crossdrive again. Duke had the most amazing crossdrive and we made the panel. Finished the course.

After my last run we were tearing down the rig and prepping for departure. The ground had dried out some and I hoped to get out. We had to wash mud out of most EVERYTHING to get it packed. I hooked up the truck and started to go. Christy opted to stay out and make sure we cleared the mudfloes, so off I drove. Once I felt the tires catch under me, I kept moving till making it to hard pack ground. Christy was chasing me the whole way but I wasn’t stopping!! She climbed into the truck, out of breath but relieved. Off to Brownwood, RV dump and refill water, propane and WalMart.