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Nov 2014


Yes, Fever won just about everything he could win. And I'm totally clear on how and why; it all flowed directly from your insights and instruction at last Thursday morning's lesson. Two days before trial weekend, you completely turned my dog around in 30 minutes -----from a back-talking, angry-biting dog who wanted a big say in how to accomplish his tasks----to a dog who was paying attention, listening, taking direction pretty correctly and willingly, (at least a whole lot better than for the preceding couple of weeks.)

By the end of each run, we had lost some ground. Stops had turned into mostly slow-downs; flanks were a lot less square, even with constant "get back" reminders; and during his 3rd run, he got a deserved -1 pt for misbehavior for lunging at (but not gripping) a sheep at the exhaust gate on A course. On his 4th and last run he did win his Course B adv class, beating a border collie who timed out on the shed, but with a score of 85, far below the nineties he had gotten for his three HITs.

So here are the classes and scores for your website brags: (but I really wanted to talk about the difference you made in my dog on Thurs---so maybe you can quote me from above----I'd like that---can I insist on it?)

Sat: Course A adv sheep:Fever's score: 96
Course B adv sheep:93 1/2

Sun same classes as Sat A course: 92, B course: 85. Everyone did a bit worse on Sun than Sat., including sheep willingness.

So Fever got both his 1st places including the major toward his herding championship, finished his B course adv title, I think, not sure if he had 1 leg already or not. So not much left to do for HC after this weekend.

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