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Christy Guzman & "Bo"

Aug 2011

Christy Guzman & "Bo"

ASCA Trial May 7-8 2011 188

Three ASCA championships on the same weekend! Lasoya's dogs " River"(Aussie), her "Blazin' Beau"(border collie), and my big dog "Bo"(border collie). They all completed advanced courses on cattle, sheep and ducks.
I think Bo needs 4 AHBA points and he will have triple crown championships (AKC ASCA, and AHBA). I mention it because it's been a lot of fun and a big learning experience. Never dreamed I could be doing this. It's all led up to my ability to finally be able to trial in USBCHA: Open Division. All thanks to you! Bo is my first border collie. As I recall I brought him out to your place to chase some sheep. He has no special breeding, or style. But with your shared experience and guidance we are out there and it's a blast! Thanks coach!

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