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May 2011

New to the world of trial herding, we started checking into local trainers, went to a few trials and talked to people, read the internet boards and when it came down to it my parents drove to Escondido, California to meet with a lady who was well known for training quality dogs who were competitive. In the meanwhile, I had found a trainer closer to me who was known for starting dogs. In my wisdom, I decided to give it a shot. What I discovered was that this trainer was willing to work with my dogs, take my money but not willing to teach me how to work with my own dogs. After a couple of frustrating months, I placed a call to Terry Parrish and explained our situation.

In January of 2011, my mom and I went to visit Terry for training..four days of work…we headed home…to Phoenix, Arizona. Over the next few months we worked our two kids but realized we needed some assistance…so I packed up the car and headed back the 250 miles to Terry Parish. Four more days of watching, listening, asking questions and absorbing this ladies knowledge. What I learned is the value of a great person, with amazing passion for watching people and their dogs advance and challenge to higher levels.

No matter which person, breed of dog or ability level of either…she is patient and honest and always consistent. She could easily walk into any pen, arena or field and get the most from our dogs but instead she works with the owners to teach us how to hone in on making our kids perform. The dogs respect her, those that train with her respect her. Terry is the kind of person who likes to succeed.

At the wool festival held at her house many of her students came together with the awards they and their dogs had received…what's the most impressive is that those are only a few of the students Terry has taught to be successful with their OWN dogs. Terry teaches people to fish to feed the world, rather than just fishing for her family. Thank you, Terry…for your passion, persistency and dedication to making each of us better.


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