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Blazin' Cassie

Apr 2007

San Joaquin Border Collie Association Spring Driving

Trial (Spring Porterville), March 31 & April 1, 2007

Winner of the Lesley Love trophy for High Combined
Open (for the second consecutive year)
- 1st place Saturday, 49 dogs, 86 pts/100 possible
- 2nd place Sunday, 47 dogs, 97 pts/110 possible

Blazin' Cassie (Blazin' Dustin x Blazin' Driftin')
Terry Folsom, owner/handler
Terry Parrish, breeder
Judge was Roger Culbreath of Colorado.

Other recent accomplishments:
Cassie also won the first round of the Pleasant Valley SDT in Coalinga on December 2, 2006 in a class of close to 50 dogs. Judge was Richard Millichap of Wales.

Also, 2nd place at the Great Western Livestock Show (Tulare) March 10, 2007, running on goats.
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